‘Scriptiophilic’ is a self-coined neologism defined as a fondness for writing.

The reader has reached the blog of Archisman Dutta. It is a perpetual work in progress, quite like its creator. The reader should feel free to peruse the writings, that currently comprise eight pieces of poetry on arbitrary subjects of thought. Constructive criticism is invariably welcome. A decision to follow the blog would be conducive to the satisfaction of the author and can be implemented by entering an appropriate electronic mail address in the box visible toward the bottom of the page and verifying the mail subsequently dispatched to said address. Extrapolating the presumption that the development of the standard human mind is in direct proportion to time, the more recent of the writings may tend to be of a relatively better quality, although outliers will undoubtedly exist. Familiarity with the disposition of the creator can be induced by a study of the webpage to which the name hitherto mentioned serves as a hyperlink. Stimulating fruitful contemplation and discourse remains the sole purpose of this blog. Thus ends the introductory text. Hyperlinks to the writings follow. 

Drink From The Chalice Of Bittersweet Hope



The Existing Turmoil

A Dystopian Future

Recollections Of A Withered Leaf

Aboard The Ship Of The Sky

Yonder Eagle That Flies So High

More will be published in the conceivable future.